Visual Threat Detection

Track security risks by automating real-time detection of potential threats


Detecting Drones with AI

Drones, especially the low-cost types, are a new type of threat difficult to detect with conventional methods. Often too small for radars, they can only be accurately spotted visually but continuous monitoring is impossible for human operators to perform efficiently. Our solution automates drone detection with AI to provide complete 360° surveillance of sensitive sites with day and night vision.

4. Threat visualization

Real-time visual alerts on control screens

2. Anomaly detection

Anomaly monitoring and event tracking

3. Object classification

Vehicles, UAVs, People ...

1. Learning
the norm

Creating a no-threat reference model

Smart Risk Management

Our unique approach to Artificial Intelligence allows us to make sure no potential threat goes undetected. We generate visual reference models to define what a safe environment looks like. We then display objects deviating from the norm, track them and alert surveillance operators when a threat is confirmed.


Closed-loop Deployments

Multiple Cameras

360° coverage of sensitive sites

Day & Night

24h monitoring with night vision

Real-time Alerts

Visualisation on control screens

Smart Tracking

Tracking of moving objects (speed, distance and direction)


Add cameras, detection models and control screens seamlessly


Closed-loop system optimized for on-premise deployment


Trusted by the French Armed Forces


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