Extract Insights from
Images & Documents

Process documents at scale by automating the extraction and classification of unstructured data with AI & Computer Vision


ID Fraud Detection

To prevent fraudulent transactions, massive data breaches, and instances of identity theft our solution analyses scans of identity documents, such as driver’s licenses and passports, to identify potential anomalies and notify operators. Keep an audit trail of all processed IDs while enforcing confidentiality, security and encryption every step of the way.


Insurance Document Classification

To accelerate processing of insurance claims our solution automates the collection and classification of all your incoming document traffic. No matter the file format or communication channel, we securely filter and pre-process unstructured data (scanne documents, PDFs) to eliminate the time and resources usually spent storing, organising and searching for relevant information manually. Keep an audit trail of all incoming messages and documents while enforcing confidentiality, security and encryption every step of the way.

4. Knowledge Dissemination

Database consolidation, alerts and notifications

2. Document Preparation

Data cleaning and structuring

3. Data Processing

OCR, object classification, scoring ...

1. Document Collection

Document traffic centralisation
Knowledge Extraction

Real-time Document Processing

Save your team the time wasted on manually handling an endless stream of documents. We integrate our AI platform directly with your IT system and existing software to automate your entire document processing workflow. Intelligently filter, sort and pre-process unstructured documents such as scanned files, PDFs and more.


Infrastructure for data-intensive applications

High-volume Storage

Designed to withstand petabytes of visual data

Real-time Processing

Infrastructure optimized for low-latency processing


Built for distributed processing on NVIDIA GPUs and TPUs

Unstructured Data

Adapted for various types of documents (images/PDFs)


Build your workflows from ready made OpenSource building blocks


Data storage encrypted end-to-end


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