Quality Control

Track non-conformities on the production line
by automating real-time detection of anomalies


Detecting Defects with AI

Complex visual anomaly detection is often a slow process performed by certified operators. When all the production has to be controlled, quality inspection can quickly become a productivity bottleneck. Our computer vision solution, allows for instant evaluation of visual data in used commonly in non-destructive testing (NDT) operations (visual, thermographic, x-ray, etc.) to spot defects.

4. Defect visualization

Real-time visual alerts on control screens

2. Anomaly detection

Anomaly monitoring and event tracking

3. Object classification

Crack, porosity, hole, tear ...

1. Learning
the norm

Creating a no-defect reference model
Defect detection

Smart Quality Control

Our unique approach to Artificial Intelligence allows us to make sure quality controller can inspect production faster with a constant high level of accuracy. We generate visual reference models to define what the ideal production output looks like. We then recognize element deviating from the norm and alert quality controllers when a non-conformity requires attention.


Accelerating Industrial Vision

Visual-based Inspection

Made for visual, thermographic and radiographic testing

AI Decision Support

Automated classification of non-conformities for operators

Real-time Alerts

Visualisation on control screens

Unstructured Data

Adapted for various types of visual data (image, video, DICOM, etc.)


Centralization of multiple computer vision projects in one place


Works in closed-loop on-premises or in the cloud


Trusted by Aerospace & Defense manufacturers


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