Accelerate Implementation of AI Vision Pipelines

End-to-end VisionOps platform to build and maintain robust visual data pipelines for demanding applications


Flexible and secure data storage

Whether you need to store high definition video streams in real-time or high volumes of batch images in cycles, our platform automatically secures the storage of large visual files and backups. Our solutions gives you the optimized data storage foundation you need to build high performing Computer Vision applications.


Fast and scalable visual processing

Our platform is designed to optimize the processing of high volumes of visual data. Our dedicated software architecture automotaes distributed data processing over GPUs/TPUs and allow your Computer Vision applications to run at blazing speeds when training AI models and for inference.


API-first and simplified AI deployments

Our solution relies on APIs and a low-code interface to help data teams accelerate the implementation in production of their Computer Vision projects.

High-volume Storage

Designed to withstand petabytes of visual data

Real-time Processing

Infrastructure optimized for low-latency processing


Built for distributed processing on NVIDIA GPUs and TPUs

Unstructured Data

Adapted for various types of visual data (image, video, DICOM, etc.)


Centralization of multiple computer vision projects in one place


Works in closed-loop on-premises or in the cloud