May 27, 2022

ThinkDeep AI Joins the Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform

ThinkDeep AI Joins the Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform
European Commission ZDMP

We are proud to announce we are joining the ZDMP – Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform to develop and integrate a new application to its marketplace of solutions for manufacturing 4.0.

Project Details and Motivation

The new application, named XAINDT (short for Explainable AI for NDT), aims to provide quality control teams a visual decision support software to detect defects with the help of artificial intelligence. As a first use case ThinkDeep will use digital x-ray images from an aerospace foundry to illustrate feasibility. The objective is to use AI to help quality inspectors automate the detection of non-conformities (cracks, holes, porosity, etc.) and provide explanations (explainable AI) regarding the AI model inner workings to guarantee trust in the detections and allow for future certification.


ZDMP users are manufacturing companies subject to regulatory constraints, which make it impossible to use a "black box" AI model (a model whose performances are assessable, and often good, but whose mechanisms are incomprehensible, even for its author); users must indeed be able to explain their quality control procedures, and often engage their responsibility on their good execution; they cannot do either on the basis of a result whose origin they do not understand. These considerations are in line with those prevailing in the draft of the future European legal framework for trustworthy AIs: the users concerned are often in the so-called "high risk" category of this document; they must be able to provide explanatory documents on the decision-making process; they must be able to assess the risk associated with this process; the user must have clear information allowing him to keep full control over the final decision. For this reason, an explainable AI solution for quality control is required.

Results to date

ThinkDeep AI is currently entering the initial phase ZDMP component integration and running tests.

Participant Details

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The ZDMP – Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform – is a project funded by the H2020 Framework Programme of the European Commission under Grant Agreement 825631 and conducted from January 2019 until December 2022. It engages 31 partners (Users, Technology Providers, Consultants and Research Institutes) with a mission to “Provide the platform, components, services, and marketplace to achieve the right product, at the right time, with the right conditions using the right resources.". Further information can be found at ZDMP channels 3.2M€ of SME orientated funding to subprojects, such as this one to both facilitate SMEs with their innovations and increase the value of the ZDMP ecosystem.


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