Safe AI for Quality Inspection

Automating Defects Detection at Scale

In industries where quality is paramount, Deepflow leverages a unique combination of AI and Machine Vision technology to automate time-consuming and tiring visual inspection tasks.

Intelligent X-ray inspection

Industrializing defects detection

Deepflow provides NDT technicians with a familiar viewer interface where defects are automatically detected and labeled. With AI algorithms that continuously learn over time from technicians' decisions, detection quality continuously improves and progress can be tracked.

Deepflow on the shop floor

They trust us


What they say about us

We were blown away by the speed with which Deepflow integrated into our business. In the space of a few weeks we were able to automate the detection of defects on our digital X-ray images.

Gérard Russo

CEO - Ventana Group

Deepflow embodies the Industry 4.0 revolution. Their AI technology gives a solid competitive advantage to manufacturers looking to accelerate visual inspection without compromising on quality. Industry leaders of tomorrow will rely on solutions like Deepflow.

Marc Bagur

Industry 4.0 Expert - Head of Development at CATIE